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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pregnancy: 26 Weeks

How far along:  
26 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of a head of lettuce.

Maternity clothes:  
I got a new shirt this week... a super comfy t-shirt style.  I will post a pic when I actually wear it... its freezing right now!

Stretch marks:
Who knows... I am trying to be proactive and slather myself in rich creamy lotion daily.

I LOVE sleep!  :-)  And the best kind is snuggled up with my little one...

Best moment of the week:
Gia and I spent the day with my little sister... GIRLS' DAY!  We had Starbucks...

Went to the movies and saw Anchorman 2... super funny!

And ate lunch together... <3

Food cravings:
Sweets!  Gia and I made strawberry cheesecake cupcakes the other night at almost midnight...

Food aversions:


I am napping a lot and going to bed earlier (sometimes anyway)... 

Still lots of flips and pushing out his hands and feet.  He can open his eyes this week and recognize big sister's voice!  Only three more months until he is in our arms...

What I'm looking forward to:
Gia's birthday is coming up and I am excited to spend her special day making her feel like royalty!

What I'm nervous about:
Nothing really...

What I miss:
Being able to shave easily... I can't see what I'm doing half the time now and it is guesswork... LOL