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All About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by Kisses, Cupcakes, and Silly Dances.  I'm so glad you did!

What makes me me?  That question seems to be such an undertaking to answer.  I am complicated yet simple, outspoken yet introverted, crazy yet responsible.  I love God, my family, my dogs, stilettos, coffee, books, and beauty.  I want peace and love and no boundless faith.  I am super passionate and loyal to those I love... just don't hurt me or i turn icy.  I have led an interesting life in my 27 years.  I always say I should write a book someday (I'm just not sure if i could remember it all).  I am definitely an entrepreneur at heart.  I have owned a wellness center, a pit bull rescue, and two alcohol/drug rehabs so far in life...I am now a stay at home mommy to the most amazing little girl in the world, Gia Raine.  She is truly my miracle from God and I have no doubt that she saved my life.  She is two going on twenty... so vibrant and full of life.  She is my buddy and we do everything together.  
Miss Gia Raine
I am married to my best friend, Jose.  We tied the knot this May in Nashville.  It was a beautiful day and I'm so grateful that we get to navigate through life together.  He is an amazing cook... my ever spreading figure proves it!  Well, that and the tortillas we eat with everything.  He is also a wonderful dancer and his kisses leave me breathless.  

Our Wedding Day
We have two spoiled rotten pit bulls, Mirage and Dralie.  They are eight and nine years old and are affectionately referred to as "the girls".  I rescued both while I was in Atlanta and we have been inseparable ever since.  They enjoy laying on the sofa (or bed), eating, and being loved on.  They are absolutely wonderful with Gia and quite often play dress up.  

Minnie Mouse Mirage
Princess Dralie
I was born in Atlanta but grew up in small town Tennessee.  I moved back to Atlanta when I was 17 and spent ten years living all over the city (though I have to say Grant Park was my favorite).  My husband, daughter, and I moved back to Tennessee at the end of last year to be closer to my family.  It has been a big adjustment but I love having family close and getting to share in life's little adventures with them.  Sometimes I miss the big city but I definitely think this is better for raising a family.  

My mornings don't start until I have my coffee... and I am notorious for brewing a fresh pot around midnight too, just because it is always a great time to drink coffee.  :-)  I have recently started doing a lot of my cooking from scratch.  This equals pure yumminess!  Three of my favorite recipes so far include Parmesan tilapia, ribs, and carrot cake.  Gia loves to help me cook and lick the spatulas.  I love having family dinners at the dinner table (they are definitely underrated) and entertaining.  There is something good for the soul in hosting a dinner party and using all of your best and most beautiful dishes.  Sighs... 

I am always coming up with new projects to do and redecorating our home.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Something you should know about me is that even though I start a million projects... I'm not the best at finishing them.  I guess I have what I call the "oohhh, look at the kitty cat syndrome".  This means that I get easily distracted and bounce to the next thought, project, idea, etc.  A plus side of this is that my life is never boring.  So therefore, I accept my condition and embrace it.  :-)

Getting ready for our confirmation...
I am Catholic and am blessed to call Jesus the lover of my soul.  I officially got confirmed in the church at the Easter Vigil 2013.  My hubby got confirmed with me... it was such a moving experience to share.  I love going to mass and learning more about the faith.

I love to travel though I haven't done as much as I would like.  The most beautiful place I have ever been is Victoria, British Columbia.  Looking out over the smooth stone beaches you see snow capped mountains in the distance while seals play on the rocks.  It is absolutely breathtaking and the city offers lots of culture.  Savannah, Georgia is another of my favorite spots to get away.  They have amazing little bed and breakfasts and there is plenty to see.  The beautiful buildings, weeping trees, and ghost stories make it a wonderful location.  I dream of someday visiting Australia, Thailand, and of course The Vatican in Rome.

Some of my quirks:  I love to stand barefoot in the grass... it grounds me.  I love to watch storms... it reminds me of watching the storms with my grandfather as a child.  I have boxed in stilettos in the past.  I am just now learning how to sew.  I'm terrified of heights.  

Things I <3:  

  • giggles
  • dancing in the rain
  • redbirds
  • candles
  • blue mason jars
  • lace
  • books (I have my own library)
  • watching the stars
  • digging my toes in the sand
  • coffee
  • vintage fabrics
  • fresh flowers
  • tattoos (I have sixteen and counting)

Miracles I have witnessed:  
-The birth of my daughter
-A baby sea turtle swimming out from between my feet in the ocean


  1. hi jess,
    life can be amazing and I am so glad you and gia found it .Be happy, be at peace and relish every moment u breathe air and feel the suns warmth on your face. It great to see you and Gia happy and on life's natural high. I wish you guys only the very best and hope that Gia enjoys her new sibling. Love always Grandme

    1. Thank you so much for the well wishes! We are doing great and Gia is growing up so fast. She is super excited about being a big sister. I hope you guys are doing well too!

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