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Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Way to Use an Old Book

For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE my books!  I have shelves and shelves of them - all sizes and kinds.

I found this great idea on how to use the ones I will never read again at Redefine Creativity... by making holiday ornaments.  Alisa Burke has some other great ideas for upcycling your old books too.

Supplies needed:  styrofoam ball, old book pages, glue  (I started with stick glue, but switched to permanent fabric glue halfway through - it seems to hold better), hot glue gun, ribbon.

Start by tearing your book pages into little bits.  Next, apply little dabs of glue onto the styrofoam ball and smear around - doing small sections at a time makes it more manageable and keeps the glue from drying before you get to it.  Once you apply the glue, collage your torn book pages onto the ball.

Set aside to dry.  Once completely dry, attach the ribbon to the styrofoam ball - forming a loop to hang your ornament with.

I love this idea so much!

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  1. wow... i love this. i'll probably be doing this in the next couple of days... thanks for the idea! and thanks also for following my blog! :))