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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Mother's Love

I'm blessed to be called mommy by the most amazing little girl in the world!  I'm doubly blessed because I am pregnant with my other absolutely amazing baby!  

Prior to having Gia, I couldn't have imagined the all consuming love I would feel for her.  After she was born I was sure that I would never have more children for fear of not being able to love another like I love her.  I remember asking other mothers if it was possible to love more children like you love your first.  The resounding answer was always YES!  They told me that you love all of your children with all that you are.  I still wasn't sure.  When I found out that I was expecting another baby, I finally understood what those moms meant.  Though I haven't gotten to hold our littlest yet, though I haven't looked into his or her eyes... I already love our little sprout with all that I am.  It is almost as though God expands your heart with love.  I can honestly say that I love Gia and little sprout with all my heart, 100%!  How amazing is a mother's love... I am so excited for our growing family!  

Super pregnant with Gia...
How did your family transition and grow?

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