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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 6

I am a self proclaimed research fanatic, so it's no surprise that I am just as diligent about my pregnancy.  I love following my little sprout's growth and development each week!

I'm a little (well, actually a lot) late posting this week since this is the last day of it.  Oh well, blame it on pregnancy brain.  

Week 6:  My growing baby is the size of a sweet pea...

So what has been happening?  Little sprout's heart began beating in week 4!  In week 5, his or her little face started taking shape - forehead, eyes, nostrils, and mouth, and ears.  Tiny arms and legs appeared and my blood and baby's blood separated.  

This week his brainwaves can be recorded and his different muscle groups begin working together.  Tiny toes and fingers are developing.  Another big development this week is baby's brain:  it is now divided into three parts for emotion and language, hearing, and seeing.

Along with rapid growth and lots of new development for baby, I am starting to feel pregnancy symptoms full force this week.  Lots of morning sickness (just the nausea, no actual throwing up yet) and I'm staying so tired that naps are unavoidable now.  Despite these hurdles, I am loving being pregnant again and am enjoying each moment.  

What was your early pregnancy like?

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