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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bug bite misery... What do we do to stop the itch?

 It is summertime and the bugs are out in full force - apparently dining on sweet unsuspecting toddlers.  My two year old went blueberry picking on Sunday and came home with hundreds of red swollen bites on her legs.   My poor baby was crying from the itching... so what does mommy do to fix it?  

I tried an anti-itch insect bite spray... didn't work.  I tried lavender oil... didn't work, though the smell was so strong I think we relaxed the entire neighborhood.  I tried rubbing her legs down with stick deodorant... this worked better than the rest but still didn't give her complete relief.  Now we are trying Calamine lotion... the outcome is to be determined still.  

How do you take the itch out of bug bites for your little ones?

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