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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pregnancy: 11 Weeks

I am without internet right now... so this is a couple of weeks late, but I am catching up.  :-)

How far along:  
11 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of a lime.

Maternity clothes:  
I think its time to retire my jeans until after the baby arrives... they are cutting me in half!

Stretch marks:
No new ones so far... I got a ton with my first pregnancy, so I'm hoping I don't get any new ones this time.  Fingers are crossed!

Belly button:
Hasn't popped out... hoping it stays that way.

Still not sleeping well... 

Best moment of the week:
Gia and I enjoyed a play date this week with one of her friends and his mommy.  It was great to have some mommy talk time and the little ones had a blast!

Food cravings:
Pumpkin bread.

Food aversions:
None this week.

Starting to ease off... yay!

Still super drained this week.

I don't think I felt any this week.

Still don't know... though Gia and Jose both swear it's a boy.

What I'm looking forward to:
Our first midwife appointment next week!

What I'm nervous about:
Nothing really this week.

What I miss:
A good night's sleep and emotional stability.

What's new with baby's development this week:
Baby is starting to grow hair and nails!

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