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Monday, December 16, 2013

Pregnancy: 23 Weeks

How far along:  
23 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of a grapefruit.

Maternity clothes:  
Trying to figure out the coat situation is proving interesting... my leather coat doesn't cover any of my belly!  :-)

Stretch marks:
Still not sure... I don't think so.

I'm restless and up to pee multiple times through the night.

Best moment of the week:
I had another ultrasound this week!  Gavin weighs 1 lb 3 oz now.  I had to giggle at how he was laying during the ultrasound... with his legs straight and his feet in front of his face, as well as his hands.  

Food cravings:
Mexican and key lime pie.

Food aversions:
None this week.

Not bad this week.

What is energy?  I have worked all week and am getting sick, so it is nonexistent.

I was able to watch my belly jump while he was kicking... it is absolutely amazing.

What I'm looking forward to:
I am excited about Christmas... and planning for Gia's third birthday party!

What I'm nervous about:
Finding the energy to work this coming week... I am sick with a bad cold.

What I miss:
Moving without extreme back pain.

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