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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

How far along:  
24 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of an ear of corn.

Maternity clothes:  
I officially have a pair of footie pajamas that covers my belly!  I'm so excited!  :-)  They are perfect for cold cuddly days...

Stretch marks:
I have seen two small ones appear this week.  :-(  I was sooooo hoping to not add any to my collection with this pregnancy, but it seems baby boy has other plans.

I've been so busy catering and getting ready for Christmas these last few weeks that my sleep has been greatly lacking.  I'm hoping to catch up this coming week.

Best moment of the week:

Food cravings:
Salad and breaded chicken wraps.  I've been wanting healthy food this week.

Food aversions:
Nothing really


Lacking due to lots going on...

My baby boy is SUPER active... I watch my belly jump around with a big smile on my face!

What I'm looking forward to:
I am excited about Christmas... and planning for Gia's third birthday party!

What I'm nervous about:
Having the energy to get through Christmas.

What I miss:
The fantasy of a white picket fence family...

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