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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Mellow Evening With Old School Blogging

I love this Old School Blogging link up hosted by Elaine of The Miss Elaine-ous Life and her co-host, Brittany of That’s Vandy.  Elaine dug up these questions from 2008.  What a fun way to get to know one another better... and share a little more of myself with you.  

Where is your cell phone? On the coffee table in front of me.

Your significant other?  Is no more... I am recently separated and soon to be divorced.

Your hair? Seriously needs to be trimmed!  I am currently my natural color though... a first in about twelve years.

Your mother? Is a strong woman who has always been my constant.  

Me & Mom

Your father?
 I don't know my father.  I have never had good luck with father figures so I don't feel that I am missing out.

Your favorite thing? My children. 

Your dream last night? They were crazy!  People holding us hostage and us escaping... lots of guns and hooded figures.  Creepy...

Your favorite drink? Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte <3... If that isn't available, I love coffee.

Your dream/goal?  To be a successful mommy and business woman, working from home and raising my kids.

The room you are in? My baby and I have relocated to a one room accommodation, so I am sitting in the part of the room used as the living room.

Your fear? Failure.

Where do you want to be in six years? I would like to be a homeowner living comfortably with my children in East Nashville... or maybe I will move closer to the ocean.  Who knows...

Where were you last night? Out to dinner with my mom, sister, step-dad, and of course Queen G.  Pizza Hut quelled my pizza craving... yummy!

What are you not? A conformist... I break the mold on almost every topic!

Muffins? Definitely... blueberry is the best!

One of your wish list items? A car...

Where you grew up? Portland, Tennessee

The last thing you did? Ate chips and salsa.

What are you wearing?
 My new blue/black striped maternity shirt and black leggings...

Your TV? Is almost always turned off.  We don't have cable (and I don't miss it).  

Your pets? We have two female pit bulls, Mirage and Dralie.  They are both almost ten years old and are absolutely phenomenal with Gia.  She dresses them up all the time... they are great sports!

Your computer? Mac... I LOVE it!

Your life? Is always crazy and not at all how I planned it.  I am truly blessed though and wouldn't change it.  My children are my driving force and my reason for everything.

Your mood? Mellow... I have a quiet night to myself and am using it to relax and blog.

Missing someone? I always miss my baby when she isn't home... other than her, it would be great to catch up with some friends who don't live close by anymore.

Your Car? Doesn't currently exist... 

Something you are not wearing? Socks

Favorite store? T.J. Maxx and Target

Your summer? Was spent at home... I didn't get to take Gia to the beach this year.  :-(  We did some fun stuff locally though.

Like someone? LOL... nope.  I did feel like I was back in middle school with this question.

Your favorite color? According to Gia it is pink or black... but I honestly don't think I have one.

When was the last time you laughed? This afternoon... cutting up on the phone.

Last time you cried? Earlier today while watching this video online... One Miraculous Year In The Life of a Baby Born Too Soon

What is one thing on your To-Do list?  My list is a mile long!  Contact a divorce lawyer, make my blog business plan, give the dogs a bath...

Want to join in?  Link up with Elaine and Brittany and tweet with them @elainea and @BrittanyVandy, hashtag #OSBlog!  


  1. Jessica! You & your mom are absolutely gorgeous!! I honest to goodness thought that your mom was your sister!

    Sorry to hear about the divorce. :( Gia is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kate! I will definitely pass along the sister compliment to my mom... it will make her day! :-)

  2. PS This is Kate from Mommy Monologues! I have 2 profiles! ha!

  3. Yep another PSL lover here, and now a lover of the Christmas drinks, but not the mocha one.

    1. I haven't even ventured out to try the Christmas drinks yet... I almost feel unfaithful to the PSL if I do... LOL!

  4. I love muffins too! Blueberry is awesome of course.

    So sorry to hear about your separation. :(

    1. Thanks Alison... and thank you for stopping by!