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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

How far along:  
18 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of a sweet potato.

Maternity clothes:  
My newfound jeans actually keep falling down this week... stress has caused me to drop a few pounds this last week.

Stretch marks:
No new ones... yet.

Belly button:
Sticking out.

I am starting to sleep better... yay!

Best moment of the week:
Gia and I have been moving all week... so seeing her smile and be excited about our new adventure has been the highlight of my week.  She is such an amazing and resilient little girl.  She gives me strength...<3

Food cravings:
Junk food and water.

Food aversions:
None this week.

Some due to stress but not bad.

I am running on sheer determination and mommy-drive this week.

Lots of movement... such an amazing feeling!

Only two more weeks until I find out!

What I'm looking forward to:
Gia and I are planning to put up our Christmas tree and decorate early... in the next few days!  I am excited to get into the Christmas spirit this year.

What I'm nervous about:
I have been planning a home birth with a midwife.  My bloodwork came back with super low platelets and I am now having to go to an OB and hematologist to see what is going on.  I doubt that I get to birth at home now and the whole thing has me quite upset.  My first appointment with the OB is this coming week and I am stressing over it.

What I miss:
Peace in my life... I'm reclaiming it.

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