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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Control Freak to Faith

I will admit that I am somewhat of a control freak.  Okay, maybe that is not strong enough of a statement.  I am a total control freak when it comes to life - or at least I have been for the majority of my life.  I just want things to be good and peaceful.  Don't you?  Things have shifted for me...

I am really working to LET GO!  I have faith that nothing happens by mistake and God has everything under control.  As my faith has grown and strengthened over this past year, my need for total control has lessened.  I know that I am not actually in control of anything.  As scary of a realization as this has been, it has also been such a relief.  I can now breathe and let God lead me... I am so grateful for the path my life has lead me down.  Despite all my crazy adventures and rough spots, I am blessed beyond measure.

Can you take a deep breath and let go?

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