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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pregnancy: Week 17

How far along:  
17 weeks

How big is baby:  
The size of a turnip.

Maternity clothes:  
I finally found some more jeans that fit this week hiding in my drawer!  Yay!

Stretch marks:
Still just more obvious old ones.

Belly button:
Kind of sticking out.

Stress is making sleep a distant memory.

Best moment of the week:
We took Gia to a ghost and lantern tour... it was a nice family outing.

Food cravings:

Food aversions:
None this week.

I've had major bouts of it this week... nerves.

I am exhausted = none.

Baby flips daily now.  :-)

Still unknown... but our ultrasound is now scheduled for week 20! 

What I'm looking forward to:
Getting settled.

What I'm nervous about:
Lots... it's just one of those weeks.

What I miss:
Honestly... a stable family.

What's new with baby's development this week:
Baby's kicks will soon be felt when my belly is touched.

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